Monday, November 7, 2016

Health Technology Forum: DC Meetup December 5, 2016: Crossing the Chasm from Analog to Digital Health Care

Our next Health Technology Forum: DC Meetup will be December 5. All are welcome to join us in Penn Quarter, Washington, DC. Join the Meetup at this link.

There is a lot of digital technology being deployed, but is it actually succeeding in disrupting health care in a positive way, to increase quality and cut costs? Our speakers will discuss digital opportunities are succeeding in achieving this.

As usual, our format will present three speakers. Our first speaker will be Phil Newman, Co-Founder & CEO of Viimed.

Mr. Newman will address How to Bridge the Digital Healthcare Landscape:
We're in the midst of a digital explosion in healthcare. Patients are more connected than ever before, using consumer wearables and mobile applications to manage their own health. At the same time, providers are implementing technologies to manage clinical workflows, store patient data, and become more efficient.
The problem? There is a huge gap between these two areas. Phil will discuss this gap in more detail, the growing patient-provider interaction space, the role of interoperability, and how organizations can close the digital healthcare gap. 
If you would like to nominate a speaker for this event, please contact John R. Graham via Meetup messaging.

We are also looking for volunteers to join the organizing team for 2017 so please let me know if you are interested.

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