Monday, June 10, 2013

Research Update: Thanks For Your Patience!

Colleagues & Supporters,

As you know, I stepped away from research last summer, and took a position at a Washington, DC trade association.

In less than a year, much has changed: Although PPACA remains the law of the land, its consequences remain extremely uncertain. Investors, businesses, and the people at large are anxious for the future of U.S. health care.

Because my skills lie in defining, designing, directing, researching, writing, editing, and communicating the results of health-policy research, as well as financial analysis, I have decided to return to a role where I can bring these skills to bear.

I have the privilege of resuming two Senior Fellowships in health-policy research, one at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, TX, and the other at The Fraser Institute in Canada. I will also return to writing for The Apothecary blog at, in the company of scholars including Professor Chris Conover of Duke University. I will continue to live and work in Arlington, VA, for the time being.

These research skills would also be usefully employed in a corporate, consulting, or investment environment, and I will be seeking opportunities in these fields while executing my research functions at NCPA and The Fraser Institute.

The blog has been renamed, in order to reflect an greater emphasis on financial and economic analysis. Also, there is a new Facebook page, which I invite you to like.

Thank you for your patience during my absence from the public view. Stay tuned for new research soon!