Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Interoperability" of Health Data Is A Unicorn

Having spent $26 billion of taxpayers’ money since 2009 inducing hospitals and physicians to install electronic health records (EHRs), many champions of the effort are dismayed that the EHRs are not interoperable. That is, they cannot talk to each other — which was the whole point of subsidizing the effort.

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Tom Bowden said...

This is really a good commentary and the choice of a Unicorn as a symbol is very helpful.

The wishful thinking of those involved in funding healthcare IT is in many ways having a totally counterproductive effect.

We need to find the most compelling business needs for interoperability and then "pull the funding levers" We will be surprised at just how quickly all those "intractable" problems then get solved.

Very little progress has been made, certainly not $26 billion worth.