Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Next? Mitt Romney As A Space Lizard Commanding An Alien Fleet?

If your ears can handle the explosions, please have a look at Rick Perry's latest ad opposing Romneycare.  By the end of it, I half expected Mitt Romney to peel off his human skin and stand revealed as a space lizard commanding the alien invasion of our mother planet.  Let's hope that this ear-splitting ad motivates some people to investigate substantive criticism of Romneycare.

I stand with most conservative and libertarian analysts as an opponent of Romneycare.  It's too expensive; has disrupted continuity of care; and did not substantively change the number of uninsured residents.  We figured this out right at the beginning of the reform, which governor Romney signed in April 2006.  Sally C. Pipes authored a detailed, critical analysis in November 2006, and a skim through the Pacific Research Institute's website reveals a series of articles by Ms. Pipes and myself confirming the negative outcomes of the reform.

Other leading critics of Romneycare include Grace-Marie Turner of The Galen Institute (here); Michael Tanner of The Cato Institute (here); Aaron Yelowitz and Michael F. Cannon of The Cato Institute (here); and Avok Roy of The Apothecary (here).

Whether governor Romney has learned enough from the failed Massachusetts reform (which he signed in the company of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy) that voters can trust him to sign a simple, one-page bill to repeal Obamacare in its entirety as quickly as possible after his presidential inauguration is something for every voter to decide for himself.

Rick Perry and the other Republican presidential candidates are going to make it increasingly difficult for governor Romney to earn that trust.  Governor Perry has acknowledged his error in attempting compulsory vaccination of schoolgirls against Human Papilloma Virus.  It's past time for governor Romney to acknowlege his error in mandating Romneycare.

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