Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leavitt: Most States Won't Have Exchanges by Deadline

Former U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services Mike Leavitt has announced that most states will not have Health Benefits Exchanges up and running by January 2014, when PPACA requires that they be covering patients who will have lost their employer-based benefits.

My readers have known this since April 8 (see here).  If you want to know how health reform is really working out, I encourage you to register for updates via one of the links at the left masthead.

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Jack Towarnicky said...

John, thank you for this post.

Don't forget that PPACA requires the federal government to step in with a federal solution for those states who are not ready. HHS decision time on which states will be ready is supposed to be before year-end 2012.

A "failure to launch" state-based exchanges in a timely fashion, given the significant taxpayer subsidies they promise, is probably not an option for the Obama Administration - just as failure to deliver Medicare Part D Rx in a timely fashion to 44MM Medicare beneficiaries was not an option for Leavitt and others in the Bush Administration.

Jack Towarnicky