Friday, April 15, 2011

To The Board of the California Health Benefits Exchange: An Apology and A Correction

On April 8, I published an entry that described Obamacare Health Benefit Exchanges as "flailing and failing."

Well, yours truly was also flailing and failing.

In the entry (now corrected), I described the California Health Benefits Exchange as having provided post-administration "jobs" for two of former governor Schwarzenegger's senior staff, who had been fitted with "golden parachutes" by the former governor.  They've since been joined by two directors, making four of the full complement of five.

I had the good fortune to meet with Kim Belshé, one of the targets of my wrongheaded attack, this afternoon.  Ms. Belshé informed me that the board positions are unpaid, a fact I should have discovered before writing my inaccurate entry.  And she did it with a grace and courtesy far greater that I would have mustered if I had been in her situation.

Mortified, I assured her that I would correct the record.  It was an inexcusibly lazy mistake.  I apologize to the members of the Board of the California Health Benefits Exchange: Ms. Kim Belshé, Ms. Susan Kennedy, Secretary Diana Dooley, and Mr. Paul Fearer.

The only positive thing about this shameful episode is that I was able to apologize to Ms. Belshé in person.

I also apologize to my readers for misinforming you, and promise to do better in future.

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