Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nathan Deal Makes the Right Deal for Georgia

Very good news from Atlanta, where governor Nathan Deal has reconsidered his previous decision to collaborate with Obamacare by establishing a Health Benefits Exchange in Georgia. Although a bill was moving through the legislature, governor Deal reconsidered and decided to stall an exchange, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This follows my column opposing exchanges in that same newspaper a few days ago.

Governor Deal has undoubtedly realized that any collaboration with the Obamacrats merely allows Obamacare's roots to grow deeper into the soil. Now instead of wasting time on a Health Benefits Exchange, Georgia's legislators can spend their time considering more effective health reforms, a task which they appear to be taking up with gusto: They are going to debate an interstate compact for health insurance, which can eliminate the federal government's control of health care entirely. (For my take on a health-insurance compact, please see here.)

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RalphBaker said...

Congradulations, Nathan Deal for Making the Right Deal for Georgia.
One of the things that keep healthcare cost high, besides the inability to cross state lines, is the AMA that limits the number of doctor licenses. This creates a shortage of doctors that keeps their salaries high.
The lack of tort reform is another hidden cost, but that cost effects all businesses. Tort reform should not be discussed for healthcare only.
I hope Georgia makes some good decisions, this country needs some good leaders to look up to. Good luck!