Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Fight For Health Freedom Loses a Champion: Jack Calfee, RIP

I woke this morning to learn the terrible news that Jack Calfee of the American Enterprise Institute had unexpectedly passed away yesterday.  AEI made the announcement this morning here, and linked to his substantial and influential body of work.

When I got into health policy in 2000, my first projects focused on government intervention in prescription drugs: Patent law, the regulatory bureaucracy, restrictions on free speech (Direct-to-Consumer advertising, detailing physicians, et cetera).  Jack Calfee was the giant in this field: His thorough, accurate, and diligent research demolished any legitimate claim that the federal government should exercise undue interference over the actions of patients, doctors, or pharmaceutical innovators.

We need him today more than ever.  Jack Calfee, RIP.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your post. He was an incredible influence in my life. Your words ring true