Friday, August 27, 2010

Are so-called Consumer-Driven Health Plans Really Consumer Driven?

I am losing confidence that Qualifying High Deductible Health Plans coupled with Health Savings Accounts are actually “consumer-driven health care”. I have the same skepticism about other so-called consumer-driven plans.

Here’s why: I have a QHDHP and an HSA and am enrolled in a plan in the California small-group market. Until this year, I paid all medical costs up to the deductible. In 2010, the rates increased significantly and the carrier started covering more preventive care. I went for an annual physical (which I amd convinced I do not need) and did not pay one penny out-of-pocket. However, I am in the same “consumer-driven health plan” as I was in 2009.

Because I have a contact at the carrier, I called him and asked why they had done this. Here is what he said.

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