Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tax Reform, Not Tax Hikes, Will Make Uninsured Patients Pay Their ER Bills

Do states need to make uninsured residents post "bonds" or fine them in order to compensate for ER care that they receive? I say "no", at National Review Online.

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Dantes said...

"Almost all private hospitals are set up as non-profit institutions, affiliated with religious denominations. Community leaders established them, generations ago, with an express purpose of delivering "uncompensated", i.e. "charitable", care."

Of course you realize the amount of charitable care these institutions provide is miniscule, sometimes less than 2% of their revenues. Not for Profit hospitals are a great idea, and may work as intended in some cases, but many have turned into self aggrandizing coalitions for the high paid employment of hospital executives.

According to some estimates, not for profit health care systems are sitting on 2-4 trillion dollars in monetary...not real estate...assets, but they constantly plead poverty.

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